Jan-Hugo Marthinsen

Jan-Hugo, born 1959, grew up in a family of fishermen and seafarers in the Norwegian Arctic, just north of the 70° parallel, north of the town of Tromsoe. After junior college and military service Jan-Hugo started his insurance career as a marine underwriter in October 1979. He moved to offshore energy claims in February 1986, all the time with Gard and its predecessors. He graduated from the Norwegian Shipping Academy (Marine Insurance Candidate) in 1986 and became a Chartered Insurer and Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute, London, in 1991. He is the founder of the Lillehammer Energy Claims Conference (1996) and has been chairing its organising committee for all conferences except one. Jan-Hugo was a member of the Offshore Energy Committee of the International Union of Marine Insurers (IUMI) from 2008 to 2018 and was elected as a Vice Chair on the IUMI Executive Committee from 2018. He has served as a board member of CEFOR – The Nordic Association of Marine Insurers from 2011 to 2014, and again from 2018 to 2021. Jan-Hugo is a Vice President and the Head of Offshore Energy Claims at Gard.

During his career Jan-Hugo has been a key person in dealing with a number significant and complex offshore casualties, most of them as claims leader.